Parents & Families

Supporting Parents & Families


We understand that parents, family members and friends want to help students be successful and we are happy to talk to you! SOS will answer questions for parents, family and friends about the University of Arizona as long as the information isn't protected. In addition to wanting to be FERPA compliant, we want to empower students to seek help themselves.

Below are some other resources for family and friends:


  • Are you attending your classes?  
  • Have you been able to go to faculty office hours or talk to your instructors about your grades?  
  • Have you met with your academic advisor, do you know how to get in touch with them?  
  • Are you able to manage your time, how are you balancing your classes?  
  • Do you know your current grades or how to calculate your grades?  
  • Have you used peer mentoring, study groups, campus tutoring, supplemental instruction or academic support?  
  • Have you thought about next semester and what you want to take next?  
  • Do you have any holds that will prevent you from registering for next semester?  
  • How are you feeling about your major?  
  • Do you need to talk to someone about your career goals?  


  • Have you joined clubs or found ways to get connected to campus?  
  • Have you connected with an identity or cultural center?  
  • Are you being treated with respect and dignity within any club or organization?  
  • Have you started thinking about where you will live next year?  
  • Are you getting along with your roommate(s)? 
  • Are you making friends? Do you have people to hang out with?  


  • Do you have a balance on your UAccess Student Center/Bursar account? 
  • Has all your financial aid been applied to your account? 
  • Are you using your meal plan swipes?
    • How are you doing on CatCash or dining dollars?  
    • Do you have enough swipes?
  • How are you managing working?  
  • Do you need to talk to someone about budgeting and finances? 


  • Have you checked out any wellness or mental health supports on campus?  
  • Have you gone to campus recreation or participated in any wellness activities?  
  • Are you sleeping enough and eating well?  
  • How are you managing stress?  


Ask SOS about getting information related to these questions or use our "Helpful Resources" button.  

We are here to help YOU help your student.