What is SOS?

Support. Outreach. Success. was created for Arizona students who find themselves facing questions or issues and are unsure about where to go for answers. Whether you're brand-new to campus or have been around for a while, just reach out to SOS for round-the-clock support.

SOS supports Arizona staff, faculty, current and prospective students, and community members. Truly anyone can use SOS.

Where is SOS?

SOS Staff are located in the Bartlett Academic Success Center. Staff are available in-person during normal business hours and during key times of the year they will be available at extended hours. You can find staff virtually and via text whenever you need.

Who answers SOS questions?

There are 3 staff members who work directly with SOS, but the program has many more staff participants due to its collaborative nature. There are also 4 Student Success Ambassadors who help support the in person help-desk. When you send SOS an e-mail, call, or visit, your concern may be heard by just the SOS staff or topic experts around campus as we determine how best to help you.

Meet Hannah, Judy, Jenny, and the Student Success Ambassadors


Want SOS materials to give out?

If a department, program or student groups wants any materials to give to students please contact us sos@arizona.edu