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You can view your enrollment appointment (week long window for enrolling in Fall classes) by looking in the “Enrollment Dates” box on UAccess Student or by visiting the registrar’s website.

Your enrollment appointment is based on your current class standing. Class standing is determined by the number of completed units, not units in progress. Your class standing may differ from what you think, so be sure to check.

Please note, students have a 16-unit registration limit during priority registration (exception: honors students 19-units).

We are gathering the FAQs from other departments in one spot for you!  Here are some links to other areas you may have questions about:

You can always create study groups in your classes, and D2L will even allow you to set up study groups for your class.  However, ThinkTank offers Supplemental Instruction and drop-in tutoring for many classes.  Why not get the info from folks who really know what they are talking about?  

Check out Supplemental Instruction (SI) here! 

Thank you to Safe Cats & The Dean of Students Office for the Tips! 

Spring Break is just around the corner, with its promise of days spent relaxing on the beach and nights spent partying with friends. Preparing for your trip is about more than getting your passport and shopping for new outfits. Taking some safety precautions before and during your trip and arming yourself with knowledge can help prevent a mishap – or worse – from occurring.

Read below for some great tips for a fun & safe Spring Break! 

  1. Leave an itinerary with family/close friends letting them know where you’re going (including the name of the hotel), who you’re going with and when you’ll be returning.
  2. Carry the address of where you’re staying on your person at all times, as well as some emergency cash and phone numbers of reputable cab companies.
  3. If traveling outside of the country for spring break:
    • Make copies of important document before leaving, one to take along, one to leave with family or friends
    •  Passport
    • Driver’s license
    • Credit cards (carry only one or two major credit cards)
    • Insurance cards – find out if your health and car insurance will cover you while traveling.  A call to your insurance company will answer that question
    • Plane ticket
  4. Check the U.S. Department of State for current travel warnings -
  5. If flying to the destination, know how you’re getting from the airport to your hotel. Contact the hotel prior to leaving to see if they have a free shuttle or if they can recommend a taxi service.
  6. Carry the taxi number at all times, it may be useful later in getting home from an evening out.
  7. Watch what you take on the trip.  Flashy jewelry or expensive electronics can make you a target. If the hotel room has a safe – use it! Try to carry a limited amount of cash at all times as well as a single credit card, and visit the ATM in groups.
  8. The cardinal rule for spring break – “go out with your friends, go home with your friends.” Stick with friends, known and trusted. STAY WITH YOUR GROUP! It’s harder to be preyed upon if everyone is watching out for everyone else.
  9. When consuming alcohol:
    • Decide in advance what and how much you will drink
    • Don’t accept drinks from anyone you don’t know
    • Don’t get into a cab alone, especially if you’ve been drinking
    • Alternate alcoholic drinks with non-alcoholic drinks
    • Alcohol is not a thirst quencher. Beware of dehydration. Drink plenty of water throughout the day
    • Use of a fake ID can have severe consequences for both the user and the supplier, including suspension of your real driver’s license for up to 6 months
  10. If you’re going to have sex, use a condom! Currently one out of five college students have an STD, which is one souvenir that nobody wants.
  11. Use lots of sunscreen.  Severe sunburn will ruin a week on the beach very quickly.
  12. Know the emergency number for the country you are in.  Don’t assume “it will never happen to me.” Mexico’s is 066, 060, or 080 (some areas direct 911 to local services). Your hotel can provide this information.

Yay for staying in Tucson! It looks like the weather will be great, and it is the Festival of Books! 

Here is a link for lots of activities to do in Tucson

  • The first weekend of Spring Break is the 4th Ave Street Fair
  • The second weekend of Spring Break is Festival of Books, right on campus!

Frequently Asked Questions

If you don't know who your academic advisor is, we can help put you in touch as well as have the Advising Resource Center reach out.  The Advising Resource Center is a great place to find information, visit them at

Notices and Holds are found on your UAccess Student Center Dashboard. Click on an individual Notice or Hold to view details for that hold or click Details to view all Notices or Holds. Follow the instructions on the Notice or Hold. If you are unsure who to contact or how to get the hold removed let us know and we can help.

Great!  We can help.  There are a number of resources for on-campus jobs, the best place to start is at Wildcat Joblink through Career Services.  If you need specific advice or more information visit us or Career Services for assistance. 

There are many options for getting help on campus.  The fastest answer is ThinkTank.  If you are really struggling with time management, your choice of major, or need other assistance options let us know.

Scholarship Universe is your best bet!  Every student should use Scholarship Universe.

Your student ID number is located at the top on the right side of your student center dashboard when you login to UAccess