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SOS often receives the same type of questions. You can review our SOS Answers if you want to find some short and easy solutions. Reach out to SOS to find more individualized information and assistance. Don’t see your question? Ask us!

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You can view your enrollment appointment (week long window for enrolling in Fall classes) by looking in the “Enrollment Dates” box on UAccess Student or by visiting the registrar’s website and checking the dates and deadlines registration calendar.

Your enrollment appointment is based on your current class standing. Class standing is determined by the number of completed units, not units in progress. Your class standing may differ from what you think, so be sure to check.

Please note, students have a 16-unit registration limit during priority registration (exception: honors students 19-units).

We are gathering the FAQs from other departments in one spot for you! Here are some links to other areas you may have questions about:

You can always create study groups in your classes, and D2L will even allow you to set up study groups for your class. However, THINK TANK offers Supplemental Instruction and drop-in tutoring for many classes. Why not get the info from folks who really know what they are talking about?  

Check out Supplemental Instruction (SI)!

Frequently Asked Questions

If you don't know who your academic advisor is, we can help put you in touch with them. On your student center on UAccess if you click 'Advising' then click 'View Advisors' you will find your advisor's contact information.

Notices and Holds are found on your UAccess Student Center Dashboard. Click on an individual Notice or Hold to view details for that hold or click Details to view all Notices or Holds. Follow the instructions on the Notice or Hold. If you are unsure who to contact or how to get the hold removed let us know and we can help.

Great! We can help. There are a number of resources for on-campus jobs, the best place to start is Handshake through Career Services. If you need specific advice or more information visit us or Student Engagement and Career Development for assistance.

There are many options for getting help on campus. The fastest answer is ThinkTank. If you are really struggling with time management, your choice of major, or need other assistance options let us know.

Scholarship Universe is your best bet! Every student should use Scholarship Universe.

Your student ID number is located at the top on the right side of your student center dashboard when you login to UAccess.

BASC is located off of 4th street across from Hopi and the football stadium. It is also directly behind Bear Down Gym.

The student union and student success district are great spaces to utilize. Both offer access to tables and chairs, outlets, food, couches, microwaves, and water refill stations. Both areas provide indoor and outdoor seating.