SOS & Privacy

Things you should know:

  • At this point FERPA protected information can only be provided to students if they email us at from their University of Arizona email address or in person with appropriate ID.
  • SOS does collect demographic data as a way to assess the informational needs of users.
  • There are three full time staff who work directly with SOS, but the program has many more staff participants due to its collaborative nature. When you send SOS an e-mail, call or visit, your concern may be heard by just the SOS staff or topic experts around campus as we determine how best to help you.
  • SOS does track questions as a way of determining future needs, as well as to continue to follow up with students in the future.
  • All of our experts are University employees and must comply with the privacy mandates of FERPA.  We do not require people to provide information in order to answer general questions for them.  No matter how you contact us, we look forward to hearing from you and hope to be able to assist you!

What is FERPA?